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Medical Massage


Unlike traditional massage, medical massage is a specific session tailored to your pain issues. We use a blend of massage therapy and manual therapy techniques, including: Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release, Active Isolated Stretching, and Myoskeletal Technique.

We identify your discomfort, work the root cause and lastly stretch the affected area. Proper medical massage therapy brings about physiological change that will reduce or eliminate pain, return optimal range of motion and promote overall well being.

Regular medical massage has been shown to provide long lasting or permanent removal of discomfort. 

Conditions Treated

We use a blend of massage therapy and manual therapy techniques to treat a wide variety of conditions such as:

TMJ Problems
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Acute and Chronic Pain
Back Pain
Sacral/Coccygeal Dysfunction
Shoulder Pain/Movement
Neck Pain

Forward Head Posture
Muscle Tension/Tightness
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Scar Tissue Pain
Disc Problems
Repetitive Strain Injuries
Sports Injuries
Immune Disorders

Myofascial Pain Syndrome
Post-Surgery Dysfunction
Chronic/Tension Headaches
Postural Issues
Plantar Fasciitis
Restricted Movement
Orthopedic Injuries

The first step in pain relief is to understand exactly what the problem is. Initial medical massage assessments run longer, typically around 10-15 minutes. Your massage therapist will start by asking important questions about your pain, job and lifestyle to get a clearer understanding of your situation. They may have you perform certain movements or tests. They will then explain in detail how/what they think is going on and outline the plan for the massage.
We suggest women wear shorts, and either a tank top or sports bra. Men can wear just gym shorts. Depending on our goals for the massage, we may have you undress further to your comfort level. The less clothing may make it easier for your massage therapist to work. You will be fully draped under a sheet and blanket in accordance with Texas State law at all times.
Your massage therapist will leave the room while you get situated. Then your medical massage will begin. Once your therapist begins working, they will have a much better idea of your condition. If your massage therapist notices a problem that may change the effectiveness of the outlined therapy, they may adjust course of that massage, with your permission of course. This phase is about finding out exactly what needs to be corrected, while getting started on it at the same time.
Once the medical massage is complete, your therapist may have more questions for you. The effectiveness of the massage needs to be determined. Based on your level of results, your massage therapist will devise a protocol and explain the best course of action for you to get lasting results. This will include frequency of future sessions, home stretching exercises and etc.

Ionic Foot Detox
Myoskeletal Alignment

By receiving MyoSkeletal application to your sessions you can safely correct alignment problems in the myofascial and skeletal systems by applying myofascial release, deep tissue and joint stretching.

(When tight muscles overpower weaker structures, the uneven pulling continually distorts our skeletal framework) The recognizing and treating of myofascial and skeletal strain patterns is the foundation of the Myoskeletal Method.

Postural Assessment
  • Posture is the position in which someone holds their body when standing, sitting or lying down. 

  • Postural assessments look at your static posture to see if there are any imbalances that could cause or are causing pain and discomfort.


Why is postural assessment important?

The body functions at its best when it's in correct posture. When the body is in correct postural alignment, it moves evenly and distributes weight appropriately. The muscles, joints and spine work together help you perform your best at any sport without pain. ... After your body assessment comes a base conditioning phase with Myoskeletal Technique sessions.

Therapy Thursdays ~ Chair Massage
         (Currently not available)

One of the easiest ways to bring health care into the work place is by having a therapist come and apply massage therapy to staff while they sit comfortably relaxed in a state of the art massage chair. The Licensed therapist is able to address tension in neck, shoulders, back area, as well as addressing the forearms & hands. Chair Massage may help staff with sciatic nerve irritation.

2 Hour Block $150.00 per therapist

3 Hour Block $225.00 per therapist

4 Hour Block $300.00 per therapist


Price includes travel, set up & break down time

Call for more Information


An ionic foot detox is a safe and relaxing way to pull toxins out of your body through your feet. Our bodies can be burned and stressed with today's polluted and stressful environment causing a negative influence after a period of time.  Some symptoms that a person may need a detox may include:

  • Headaches

  • Poor sleep

  • Tiredness

  • Lowered immunity

  • Constipation

  • Eczema & Psoriasis

  • Hormone imbalance 

and more..

$30.00 a session

$200.00 package of 8 sessions (2 x a week)

Rain Drop Technique

The Raindrop Technique is an application of essential oils designed to bring balance to the body with its relaxing and mild application of essential oils and massage without using hard pressure.

Raindrop Therapy™ includes:

  • Vita Flex

  • Reflexology

  • Spinal Alignment

  • Energy Restoration

  • Massage

  • Young Living™ Essential Oils

This method is designed to bring balance to the body while providing you with a relaxing and/or energizing experience.


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